How your high-performing offshore team drives your firm to the top: Ignite roadshow 2019 highlights

Hitting five of Australia’s largest business markets, potential and existing clients headed to TOA Global’s “relaxed but informative” (ASHLEIGH JAREMYN, Executive Director LIGHTYEAR DOCS) seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. The tour is intended to share a wealth of knowledge among like-minded peers on all aspects of team-building and culture development for accounting firms.

Looking to scale your practice with a global team? The best and the fastest way to learn is by downloading tried and true lessons from the leaders present at the roadshow—global operators who had great success managing an offshore team.

Attendees were treated to two illuminating and tightly-packed talk sessions as well as a technology and partner demonstration that opened up the conversation on offshoring concerns, logistics, and potential benefits that participants referred to as “people-focused and engaging” (JESSICA RAWSON, Operations Manager JOHN MORRIS GROUP).

Here’s a recap of what went down:

Your Team is Everything

A five-hour work day? Shocking, right?! That was just one of the topics discussed as TOA Global Chairman Nick Sinclair kicked things off with the “informative and enlightening” (MICHAEL VELLA, Accountant MARVEL CONSULTING) talk on Managing People Strategy in the New Age Accounting World with subjects ranging from team strategies to work processes, all with the focus on employee work satisfaction and getting the most revenue out of every professional team member.

“Assisting in building a strategy” (AMANDA ANDERSON, COO WILLIAM BUCK) for improving lives by developing people through knowledge and experience is a key component of the talk. By getting the right people at the right cost to do the right work, Nick emphasized the importance of choosing offshore team members who will help take your company to where it needs to go.

Having a unanimous vision of where your company’s future is headed helps create a culture of inclusion and identity that every single member can get behind and celebrate.

First-Person Experience

Still undecided about offshoring? An expert panel composed of TOA Global’s clients from Australian accounting firms shared their experiences in building accounting teams in the global arena to provide a “better understanding of how the process works” (JEFFREY ISAACS, Director AS PARTNERS).

Cultural barriers are just one of, if not the main point of contention when it comes to employing a team member that’s thousands of miles away. But by facilitating great communication and meaningful connections, shattering these barriers is a cinch!

Motivation and empowerment are some of the key components that have made these firm’s partnerships with TOA Global a success. And with a 57% increase in new clients for 2018 and a 35% increase in new TOA Global Team Members, the offshoring model is the tried and true answer to the increasing globalization of accounting.

The Future is Bright

We live in a world dominated by technology. It permeates every single aspect of our lives. Why should the accounting industry be any different? In the final session of the day, participants are treated to technological innovations that help optimize productivity and efficiency in workflow.

From identifying your existing technological stack, looking at available technologies to improve workflow, to AI, automation, and the future of accounting, all aspects of the digital side of accounting are explored.

Onward Bound

2019 is just getting started, and we’ve already got big plans. Our global strategy hits on every aspect of customer support, technology integration and employee development—and that’s just the start of it.

Learn more about how you can launch to the new world of work for accounting teams as more TOA Global Workshops make their way to the US on the 17th of June, New Zealand on the 23rd and 25th of July, and back to Australia from the 2nd to 9th August.

If you’d like to have a conversation on how you can drive your firm to the top by building a high-performing offshore team, book a meeting with one of our Consultants today.


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