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The suppliers compete to connect with you

We help you get connected with great outsourcing suppliers

Complete a simple needs assessment

It’s a quick and easy form which allows the suppliers to really zoom in on your needs and their suitability.

Fully transparent 24-hour bidding

The BPO suppliers bid to connect with you based on the information you provide. The bidding ensures you get connected to the most suitable BPOs, and those most eager to act.

Cash back for all

Both sides (you and the BPO) are incentivised to act. If a deal is done, then you get 30% of the bid value in cash back, and the BPO also gets 30%.

Free with no obligation

It’s a completely free service, and there is zero obligation to proceed. What have you got to lose?

Your confidentiality assured

Any identifying information (name, company etc) will be kept strictly confidential. Your contact information will be shared solely and exclusively with the three selected (verified) outsourcing suppliers, with your approval.

You can provide as much or as little information as you wish. However you will get better connections and results if you provide more detailed information.

Your contact information will not be shared with any other parties without your explicit prior approval.


How we get paid

Everyone has to earn money, so here’s how we do it, whilst still keeping this service free for you, the client.

Outsource Accelerator is an independent aggregator platform for outsourcing. It’s our mission to educate and connect businesses in the ‘West’ with world-leading outsourcing suppliers (BPOs). For Source Connect, we earn money from the BPOs for connecting them to you. We do this in a transparent, independent and fairest way possible.

Transparent and fair

Once you, our client, has submitted a quotation request, we compile a report of your needs, remove your contact details, and place it in our marketplace.

Our panel of registered and verified BPOs, can then bid on these leads. The top three bidders get access to your contact details and are connected to you via email.

We do not earn a fee or commission if you sign up with the BPOs. And remember, if a deal is done, we even give 30% of the winning bid back to the BPO and a 30% cash back bonus to you!

The one-stop shop for independent outsourcing appraisals

Complete the simple quotation form to get a personalised needs analysis report, and get connected with three outsourcing service providers. This service is completely free to use, and free of any obligation.

Complete the 2 minute assessment form

It takes you just 2 minutes to complete the quotation form. Enter information about your company and outsourcing needs, and you’re done. We will contact you with three pre-qualified outsourcing service providers who are happy to discuss your requirements.

Earn cash back from your quotation

We reward successful engagements. If you do business with one of the three referred outsourcing connections, you will receive 30% of the fee that they paid to connect with you.

Needs analysis report

You can complete as many as three forms: Quotation, Feasibility, and Readiness. The forms constitute a comprehensive outsourcing needs analysis; but only take 5-10 minutes to complete. On completion we create, and send you, a detailed Needs Analysis Report. Your contact details are then removed and the anonymous report is sent to the outsourcing community.

Contact and support

Outsource Accelerator remains a completely independent outsourcing advisory. Our interests lie in the success of our clients – that’s you. You can reach out to us anytime for support along your outsourcing journey.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) bid auction

Once you have completed the quotation form, the outsourcing community review your quotation request details, and make a bid for your contact details. The outsourcing community have 24 hours to bid for your contact details in a transparent marketplace. It is completely open, independent and fair.

Pricing: transparent, independent and fair

Source Connect accesses over 600 outsourcing service providers in the Philippines. It generates respondents – who are eager to talk to you – via a unique quotation price auction. We share information about your needs, but keep your contact details private.

More information, better results

The more information you provide, the better results you will get. People can tell when someone is serious, from the quality and completion fo the form. The more effort you put into he form, the more eager BPOs will be to talk to you.

Learn more

Source Connect is completely independent, transparent, and fair for all. If, you want to know more about how Source Connect works, for either client or supplier, please just contact us.


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Hear from business owners across the globe who use and benefit from outsourcing.

99.99% applicability: Outsourcing can applied to almost any business in almost any business sector

Transformative: Outsourcing is possibly the most transformative business tool available today

Save 70% on staffing costs: You can save as much as 70% on staffing costs, enabling your company to flourish

Drive innovation & growth: Access to cheaper more abundant resources allows your company to drive innovaiton and growth

About Outsource Accelerator

Outsource Accelerator is the trusted source for independent information & advisory for Philippines’ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The #1 outsourcing authority

Outsource Accelerator is the world’s leading platform and marketplace for outsourcing. It specifically promotes Philippines outsourcing to the world.

The Outsource Accelerator website has over 3,000 articles, 200+ podcast episodes, and a comprehensive directory with 600+ BPOs… all designed to make it easier for clients to learn about, and engage with, outsourcing.

Independent trusted advice

Outsource Accelerator is not a BPO, and will never provide outsourcing services. That is why it can be trusted by everyone in outsourcing. We offer advisory services related to outsourcing, but not actually outsourcing.

Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore has been in business 20 years, outsourcing 6+ years and living in Manila (the heart of global outsourcing) since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing.

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