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CodeFlux Inc.


About CodeFlux Inc.

“Established in 2010, CodeFlux, Inc. was founded by JM Ilbanez for promoting the Agile methodology. CodeFlux, Inc. applies the best industry standards and practices for software development. As they are promoters of Agile methodology, they maintain communication and collaboration with the clients they are working to create solutions that are effective and useful.

The team of CodeFlux, Inc. consists of project managers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, front end web designers, software architects and engineers and more. They are highly skilled professionals in the IT industry who strive for excellence in their field of expertise.

CodeFlux provides high-value to its clients in the following ways:

• By providing exceptional consulting services
• By involving in product development

CodeFlux is committed to teaming up with its clients to complete the project. The company provides software that fulfills the needs of the clients. CodeFlux also mentors development teams of clients in the following areas:

• Business analysis
• Agile software development and Scrum methodology
• Project management
• Software architecture
• Technology and framework

CodeFlux also provides specialized consulting in:

• Business requirement specification
• Business process reengineering
• Project rescue
• Request for proposal

The products developed by CodeFlux empower its clients and gives them the competitive edge they need to succeed.

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