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About Collection House

Collection House Limited (the Group) is a leading Australasian receivables management company, providing organisations and individuals with world-class solutions in credit management, collections and customer care.

Predominantly B2B-focused, we have strong business relationships with major Australian and international banks, financial institutions, large corporations, public utilities, and all levels of Government. The recent launch of ThinkMe Finance represents the Group’s first foray into a consumer-facing business.

The Group has evolved over the past 23 years, and is the only publicly-listed end-to-end receivables management company (i.e. from debt purchase and recovery from one day past due through to legal services).

We have a strong commitment and reputation for ethical and compliant business practices, as evidenced by our industry-low complaints record; and use technology to continually evolve our service and capabilities.

Collection House Group adds value through our partnership approach with clients. Coupled with our ethical collection approach, this creates brand protection at all stages and through all contact points with our client’s customers. We are considered a market leader by our clients, regulators and consumer advocates.

What Collection House offers its clients

Receivables Management, Debt Collection, Business Process Outsourcing, Debt Purchase, Hardship Services, Legal and Insolvency Services, Credit Management Training, Finance Brokerage, shared services

How Collection House outshines the competition

The only end-to-end receivables management provider listed on the ASX. Over 25 years’ experience, demonstrated ability and solid knowledge of government, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, banking and commercial debt portfolios. A leader in ethical debt collection and brand protection, as evidenced by the Credit & Investment Ombudsman (CIO) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) statistics, regulator market data and client testimonials. Advanced analytical capabilities.

Collection House company structure

The Collection House Group is a leading Australasian receivables management provider. With a 25 year pedigree, we offer world class solutions in credit management, collections and customer care. We help businesses and individuals improve their financial position. And we are trusted by organizations and government agencies to provide solutions on their behalf.

Sample highlight service offering of Collection House

Collection House brings the best of our firm to the engagement. Our team have demonstrated careers in banking and financial services risk management, collection operations, customer performance insights, innovation, and strategic planning all of which supports our clients in transforming their business operations.

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Year started trading: N/A

Current Seat Capacity: 110

Sites in the Philippines: 1

Main Philippines site: Bacolod

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Size of your BPO: Startup

Price positioning: Low-cost

Typical client size: 40

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