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Established in 2012, D&V Philippines is one of the leading business outsourcing companies in Philippines that started operations with a small team of 10 members and went to become a highly-specialized finance and accounting outsourcing company. D&V Philippines provides tailored outsourcing solutions to accounting firms on a global scale. As an offshore outsourcing company, D&V Philippines focuses on providing cost-efficient and proficient solutions to small and medium enterprises, accounting firms and shared service centers in the USA and the UK, Australia, Asia and Europe. Employing over 200 employees worldwide, D&V Philippines brings superior accounting expertise and financial knowledge of professionals for providing cost-effective and innovative financial and accounting services to an ever-growing clientele.

D&V Philippines specializes in accounting/book-keeping, accounts payable outsourcing services, financial reporting, management accounting, financial analysis, statutory reporting, payroll outsourcing services and remote financial controlling. D&V Philippines aims at maximizing capabilities of small and medium enterprises, enhancing the output of CFO to drive growth, expanding the competencies of finance and accounting firms, and establishing shared services centers in Philippines. Trust, respect and commitment are the core values driving D&V Philippines on a global level. The company’s excellent customer service and unparalleled technology utilization has made them one of the best business outsourcing companies in the world. The company is headquartered in Makati City, Philippines.

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