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About Five9 Philippines

“Five9 Philippines started out in December 2001 under the guidance of 5 technology visionaries. Five9 Philippines is the leading global provider of cloud contact center software. Clients that opt to outsource to Five9 Philippines get the following:

• Complete set of integrated capabilities
• Reliable, Scalable, and secure contact center
• Easy access to extensive partner ecosystem
• A trusted partner
• Immense cloud expertise

In 2001, Five9 lead the cloud revolution in contact centers and grew rapidly over the years, retaining its position as leader of the cloud charge.

The services offered by Five9 Philippines are:
• Contact center customer support services
• Professional services
• Training

Five9 Philippines offers the following wide range of programs to its clients to meet the requirements.

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Independent Software Vendors (ISV)
• System integrators/consulting
• Master agent program
• Referral program
• Resellers/OEM

Five9 Philippines has the Five9 Virtual Business Contact Manager and Agent Desktop Plus to help reduce the workload on clients. The clients are able to focus on the core competencies of their businesses, thanks to Five9 Philippines.

Five9 Philippines understands the importance of providing a memorable customer interaction while balancing the costs of operation. Five9 Philippines continuously improves its customer interaction process so that the results obtained by the company surpass the expectations of the clients.

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