Infinit Outsourcing, Inc.

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About Infinit Outsourcing, Inc.

Infinit Outsourcing or Infinit-o is a BPO and KPO solutions providing outsourcing company based out of Philippines. The company constantly focuses on quality and constantly strives to improvise services. The company caters mainly to the small and medium scale companies giving them the advantages of outsourcing.

Incorporated in the year 2005 by two stalwarts of the outsourcing industry, the company made a humble beginning with a vision to empower small companies by providing outsourcing services. The company has now evolved into global world class leaders in the field who are growing rapidly and have their presence in US, UK and Asia.

Having acquired ISO certifications for their competitiveness, Infinit-o provides ancillary services in healthcare & finance and accounting areas. They offer customized reports as a part of their data and research services. Realizing the need for a customer service contact point, they provide a team of specialized customer service agents who help building strong relationships with clients. Complete and customized BPO service options are offered by them keeping in mind the uniqueness of every business enterprise.

Last but not the least, pricing is a very important part of this business model as it gives the value to any business. Pricing models are also managed and leased by Infinit-o.

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