Vince Filamor – Time, Process and People Management empowering Outsourcing

In this episode, Derek is again joined by Vince Filamor.  He is a Software Project Manager with a very successful career here in the Philippines. He has also effectively worked for foreign companies throughout his entire career



  • Working for East or West coast based companies have the minimum time difference of about 10 to 12 hours depending on daylight savings (DST).
  • Vince lasted for about 4 and a half years in his first career that has a different time zone.
  • He states that it’s really about building relationships with people. The pros and cons in time zone difference would bend on how you handle your team and your clients.
  • He manages his time efficiently so he can get updates from clients located in America, Canada, and Europe.
  • According to Vince, you don’t really need to manage someone so closely to get work done.
  • Vince shares that you need to build a relationship with the people that you work with especially if you don’t see them every day.
  • He mentioned that If you’re managing a team and you depend on collaboration, you definitely would need a tool for communication and to-do list.


Key Points

  • The opportunity of building a team that works 24/7 is present in Manila.
  • The current trend of relying on the internet makes working remotely a possibility.
  • Technology is bringing people closer.
  • Technology will never be able to overcome time differences, it’s one thing that technology will never be able to conquer.






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