Gerrard Aguelias – An Insight into the Role of a Technical Trainer

In this podcast, Derek is joined by Gerrard Arguelles, a part of the employee series of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast intending to highlight the caliber and the potential of Filipino employees that can help employees and company owners flourish in the west.



  • Gerrard shares that he started his career as a technical trainer which helped him hone his skills.
  • He is now focusing on JavaScript web development and web service development.
  • HE took the teaching opportunity to increase his knowledge about technology and at the same time, improve his people skills.
  • Gerrard says that he’s always happy to go to work knowing that he’ll learn something new, exciting, and challenging every day in his chose field.
  • Gerrard now works with iStack Holdings and he is currently their senior developer. His team is responsible for building internal tools like admin dashboards for companies to manage their workers.
  • Gerrard shares that his company pays above average the current salary bracket. He receives about PHP 100,000 a month.


Key Points

  • The current educational system cannot keep up with the how fast technology is changing.
  • Filipinos are very family oriented that’s why working remotely from home is not as effective as other workers from other countries.
  • The Philippines has many holidays compared to other countries.





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