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The founder of an online startup directory is seeking telesales functions to start ASAP  Verified Lead 

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The client has built an online directory website, and is now seeking a telesales team to populate it with clients.  Client states that the role is of medium complexity.

The client wants to explore a commission only structure – he is very open and frank in his comments below.

Hello I have just built a website that i need telesales driven customers to get it up off the ground. My budget is smashed from the web build so i am enquiring into whether you work on a commission base only? So essentially when you make a sale you take a percentage of this sale?  

The client comments:

Basically it’s a listing site to take bookings for multiple companies like hair salon/beauty parlour/ pet grooming / doctors. There is a multitude of businesses & i want to house all them in the same directory so that businesses can leverage the power of each other.Can you please advise if this is something that you do or are interested in developing.

The client only completed 1 of the 3 forms, so there is less insight into their requirements.  But they have completed the verification form, and responded to, and confirmed, their email.

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