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A mature New Zealand company seeking 3-10 varied outsourcing roles to enhance operations – to start ASAP  Verified Lead 

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This client is the key decision maker of a mature NZ car importing company.  The company is 5-9 years old, and has 3-10 employees.

The client seems pretty familiar with the outsourcing landscape, and has already spent time in Philippines, but does not currently have outsourcing staffing from Philippines.  The client is seeking 3-10 roles to start asap in a range of roles.

The client provides very clear descriptions of what is required.  There are voice requirements, with some fairly complex interactions, and the client suggests ‘soft selling’ skills required.

The client describes the roles required as:

Digital media marketing: Email Agent, Online Car Sales Agent, Marketing Agent

The client further comments:

Have to know about Japanese Cars and understand how to use our Auction System to help customers to find their car. We will teach about all rules of importing a car.

Most of the knowledge can be acquired, but need some one who knows about cars and have a structural type of mind and can do computer work for long time.

The client has provided further very detailed descriptions – please check the following tabs.

The client has a high degree of readiness.  He has mature processes in place, and already has all of the in-house expertise.  The client is clear about the onboarding and training process as well as the role and candidate requirements.

The client is also aware of broad outsourcing process, and has suggested a price range here – read the following tabs for details.

This is a premium listing.  The client has completed all three forms, and has provided extensive comments and descriptions.  Please ensure you review all of this information in the following tabs. The client has been verified.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

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