A US-based startup software development company is looking for 3-10 roles to start 1-3 months

This US client is seeking 3-10 full-stack software engineer roles for their software development startup


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This is a US-based startup software development company.  They currently have 1-2 employees, and are seeking 3-10 roles for full stack software development roles.  The company seems to be effectively an agency.

The client describes the roles as:

Software Engineer

And comments:

Hello we are a small start up searching for full stack software developers from Canada, Brazil and Asia. Clients must be reliable, speak great English and have more than five years experience as a developer.

The client completed 3 of the 3 forms, 100% of the questions and provided very detailed requirements.  Their website is active, and they’re using a company domain email address. They have responded to, and confirmed, their email.

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