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Key decision maker of large worldwide corporate (800+ staff) seeking info for new division setup  Verified Lead 

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This client is a tech-based multinational with 800+ staff.  They originated in Japan and now spanning the globe. The specific client in this case is a key decision maker within sales function for the APAC region.  

The client has provided extensive comments about the requirements, and has completed all three forms and 100% of the questions.  The client is using a corporate email address, and has been verified.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

The client is seeking information on various roles, including a (process) integration function, and complex sales roles involving less common languages.

The client comments:

We are a worldwide company off 800+ staff and are a German company and our headquarters are in Germany HOWEVER I head up the sales department in our APAC office and I have channel and inside sales staff for Thailand Japan Philippines Australia New Zealand Singapore Malaysia Hong Kong China Taiwan India South Korea and we will keep these staff however we have some potential outsourcing for migration data to switch from perpetual to our subscription model however we need to find the right level of language skills either in one place or spread in different just looking for high level of professionalism and passion and drive as our Australian office in Adelaide can be hard to hire on mass for some of these languages. We have a good core staff but no capacity to grow to the level – these may be short term or may be long term and really depends on quality and cost.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

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