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The founder of a nutritional company is seeking roles to develop sales to start asap  Verified Lead 

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Client Verification:

  • Client name: PROVIDED
  • Main email: CONFIRMED & VERIFIED
  • Email type: personal gmail email address
  • Phone number: PROVIDED
  • Company name: PROVIDED & VERIFIED
  • Website: PROVIDED & VERIFIED – Good domain authority



This client is the founder of an online nutritional company, product, and distribution platform.   They state they have been trading for 10+ years, but have 1-2 employees. They provide a website, which has a very good Alexa rank (40,000).  The client is communicating via a personal gmail account, but it has been verified. The website and company name has been verified and is live.

The client is ambiguous about exactly what they are looking for, but it is in essence a sales team to propagate the platform.  I think the client is used to working with affiliates, but this seems more structures.

The client comments:

I have a landing page that uses an auto-responder to send out several emails once someone takes a tour of the business. They can enroll as a pre enrollee which will reserve a spot for them. Anyone that joins within the cutoff date is put underneath the pre enrollee so they already have leads when they join. The cutoff date is usually Thursday of every week depending on when they sign up.

You can take the tour and see the emails that are sent out. So what I need are as follows.

Getting exposure to the landing page using target marketing Converting these pre enrollees into paid affiliates and business builders.I will need at least 4-5 paid sign ups a weekSet phone interviews with interested business builders that you cannot convert. I am available to answer questions if you need me too but I would rather you handle all conversions. I will personally train and help develop each new affiliate. Please do not spam this page, company has policies against this.

My questions are how long does your fee cover and can you make this happen in that amount of time.This will be an ongoing campaign to the right person who can produce those weekly numbers. I will also refer any of my affiliates to you. Here is my main webpage which gives you more info on the company [redacted].

The client completed 3 of the 3 forms, 100% of the questions and provided very detailed requirements. They have completed the verification process, and responded to, and confirmed, their email.

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