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Mature Construction company based in Australia is seeking 1-2 product designer roles ASAP  Verified Lead 

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Client is a key decision maker of a mature construction company based in Australia.  They are looking to outsource 1-2 product designer roles ASAP.

Client has indicated that this is a one-off small project in the form. High skill and no managerial role is needed.

The client comments:

We seeking a product designer to redesign our invention. We own the patent for a portable safety device which acts a floor cover and can open out to form a 4 sided guardrail. Please google “Penoguard” which will provide an insight into the problem we are solving and our solution to the problem.To date we have been making the units ourselves, however they are made out of steel weighing approx. 25 kgs which has been presenting an issue within the industry. There are other market objections, therefore the main objectives with Penoguard redesign;1. Light weight, aim to be 10 kgsa. Our thoughts are to use an aluminium frame to provide strength wherever possible. Use plastic (similar to the lifetime foldable tables) as the perimeter ramp and cover2. Wow factor, create instant market appeal3. Ramps all around penoguard to eliminate a trip hazard 4. The penoguard comprises of 2 foldable sides (or lids), using the lifetime mesh table as the example, it would be great to have the bottom lid as a mesh frame and the cover be transparent. The purpose of a transparent cover is it would alert any bystanders of the danger that lurks beneath if the penoguard wasn’t fixed to the ground.5. Ease of use, an example of this is to use spring loaded braces which are currently being used on the lifetime tables (please google “Lifetime mesh table” and zoom in of the braces)6. Must support 200kgs in the closed position7. Must support 150kgs side impact when in the open positionI trust the above assists you, please let me know if you need anything else. Alternatively happy to have a tele-conference.

The client completed 1 of the 3 forms, Please ensure you read all their responses for insight.  They have completed the verification process, they have a website and has responded to, and confirmed with their company email.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

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