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EXTENDED: Australian real estate company seeking pure lead generation services – asap  Verified Lead 

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Client Verification:

  • Client name: PROVIDED
  • Main email: CONFIRMED
  • Email type: Company domain email
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The principal of a Australian real estate company is seeking lead generation service.  

The company has been trading since 1982, and the client is experienced with lead generation and outsourced services.  They want 15-20 leads per week, for Australian based clients. The describe their requirements:

  • We are a well established family owned company since 1982.
  • We want experienced and reliable service from our network of associates
  • We will trial 15-20 leads per month initially.
  • We seek Australia Based customers/leads only

The client wants a very specific function doing, and wants highly experience people to execute this.  It seems that he prefers to pay per lead as opposed to setting up and managing a team specifically. 

ADDITION:  The client has added this further information about his requirements:

We are presently talking with companies that are located in the Philippines and we are looking to source Filipino clients who are based in Australia and who reside in the Sydney metropolitan area.

You also need to be aware that we do NOT pay for any leads in Advance, this is an internet based transaction so we are mindful of scams that will attempt to defraud us.

We currently pay $AUD30.00 per qualified lead and we have 48 hours in which to contact the client. We only pay for the lead once the client proves to be genuine and commits to a property purchase, this could take up to 30 days. The qualifying criteria we use is as follows;

  • The clients must have a minimum total house hold income of AUD$100,000 per year.
  • They must be under the age of 60 years
  • They must already be purchasing a property and have a minimum of 25% equity or savings of AUD$50,000 or more.
  • They must be permanent residents of Australia.
  • We will source the finance, solicitors, insurances, property and tenants for the client.

These are our terms. Please advise.

The client states the key outsourcing considerations are: Quality, Low price, Support and experience, Specialised execution, Location

The client only completed 1 of the 3 forms, so there is less insight into their requirements.  But they have completed the verification form, and responded to their email.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

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