E-commerce company, 5 years trading, seeking 5 content writers, ready to start

Australian based company, 5 years trading, requires 4 content writers within a very specialised niche. Client wants a high level of service/support, and is the sole decision maker and ready to move.

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This is a small company within the e-commerce sector. Has been trading for 5-9 years, based in Australia.

This is a person that is experienced with outsourcing, and is looking for a specific roles.

He is seeking FIVE content writers, to start ASAP.

He wants high level of oversight, with specialised execution.

There is no voice, or sales roles required

The sector is within. Very specialised niche, meaning there is s (very) specialised knowledge requirement.

The person’s company is pretty established, and already has a lot of processes in place, meaning its easy to integrate the outsourced roles.

He has completed the readiness assessment.

He is ready to make. Decision, is very informed about outsourcing, and has the required processes in place already.