Mature Canadian medical supplies company looking for 1-2 data entry roles to start ASAP

A medical supplies company with 51-100 employees seeking a specific data entry, high repetition, role to start ASAP. Good description provided.

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  • Email type: Company domain email provided
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  • Website: NOT ACTIVE (‘due to being a wholesale company’)
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A Canadian medical supplies company is looking for a specific data entry role for a specific job. The company is in medical supplies, has 51-100 staff, and they are looking to outsource ASAP. They rate their outsourcing knowledge as moderate, and you would be discussing the role with a C-Suite decision maker.

The client describes the role requirements here:
Our company needs help updating costing in one of our vendors portal. There’s 3500 records to modify to be done online. How does your service work?

The client only completed 1 of the 3 forms, so there is less insight into their requirements. But they have completed the verification form, and responded to their email.

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