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Mature consumer research company looking for HR manager whilst they recruit a permanent one  Verified Lead 

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The founder and CEO of a mature international consumer survey company is seeking a temporary but ongoing role, whilst they search for a permanent position.  

The client describes the requirement as:

“Looking for Temporary HR manager to fill the void of HR role … while we search for the proper full time candidate”

The client’s company have been trading over 30 years, and has multiple international locations, and 21-50 staff in total.

The CEO/founder has submitted this quotation requirement, and this is the person you will be communicating with.

The client only completed 1 of the 3 forms, so there is less insight into their requirements.  But they have completed the verification form, and responded to, and confirmed, their email.

Note: while this is a small requirement, the company is very established, and it could be a good gateway for them to integrate more outsourcing.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

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