UK based tech/crypto startup with 11-20 employees seeking 3-10 roles to start ASAP

A UK based tech startup in the crypto space is seelking 3-10 generalist admin (accounting, recruitment, HR) roles for immediate start.

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This seems a well  funded startup in the crypto space.  Client stats they currently have 11-20 employees and are seeking 3-10 outsourced roles.

They are seeking roles in general company administration aspects – such as HR, recruitment and accounting.  Possibly some managerial roles. The company is in a specialised area, but they state that the required roles aren’t too specialised.

The applicant is a key decision maker, and the deal will be confirmed by the C-Suite.

The client states they have very low level of outsourcing knowledge, and are seeking both quality but also low cost services.

The client has only completed one of the three forms – we have reached out to them for further completion.

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.