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US based digital marketing strategy company seeking 3-10 roles for general operational duties – to start ASAP.  Verified Lead 

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Client Verification:

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This is a US based digital marketing strategy company.  It is a small company which has been trading 2-4 years. The client has significant experience and with Upwork and other freelancer platforms, but is seeking better reliability and quality.

The client has a number of roles required, and describes them mainly as high complexity and high skilled roles, and with a higher degree of security required.

The client only completed 3 of the 3 forms, 100% of the questions and provided very detailed requirements. Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

The client describes the role requirements here:


  • Excellent + use of the English language, grammar and syntax. Must have the ability to communicate at the executive level. This role may respond to client emails on my behalf, write and/or proofread sales copy used in client email campaigns.
  • Must be able to have phone calls with me during U.S. business hours.(8am – 12pm PT)
  • Spoken English should be very clear (an accent is acceptable of course, but not a “heavy” accent). This position has been created to streamline communication: with me, with other contractors, and with clients, so the ability to communicate at the executive level is critical.
  • Please do not say you understand what you need to do in any given situation, if in fact, you really don’t. Doing so wastes time and creates frustration on both sides. This is very important.

Project Management:

  • Take precise notes from our conversations, your voicemail and my recorded conversations with clients to create/update client records and documents, create/update project requirements, provide direction/feedback to other contractors, etc.
  • Create and maintain detailed project plans with task lists in asana (project mgmt. platform).
  • Ensure tasks/deliverables are completed on time and are of the highest quality. I will not always be able to proof/review the work. I need to trust that if you say a task has been completed, it is in fact complete, of the highest quality and ready to present to my clients.
  • Keep accurate records for each contractor including hours worked, rates charged and reconcile with negotiated rates and estimated project/task projections.
  • Accurately log hours and rates for tasks in our time tracking application (toggl)
  • Use toggl to generate invoices and send to clients for payment.

Examples of Other Contractor Projects You May Oversee:

  • SEO – Keyword Research, Keyword Strategy – On-page, Off Page and Avertising.
  • 301 Redirects for websites going live after a redesign
  • Website Metadata, alt tagging, etc.
  • AdWords campaign design and setup
  • Google Analytics setup. Establish accurate tracking for desired KPIs. Tagging, Dashbords, etc.
  • Google Tag Manager – Setup or edit as needed.
  • Optimize/Improve website page-load times as needed.
  • Shopify/Shopify Plus and WordPress: Implement new designs/themes, new features, integrations, etc.
  • Infusionsoft: Campaign development, list management, reporting, integrations
  • Creative Services (Design): Website design, image selection, icons, infographics, etc.
  • Creative Services (Copywriting): Develop compelling marketing copy for websites, brochures, email campaigns, blogs, etc. Review business emails:
  • Identify project related correspondence. Summarize requests, decisions, actions needed. Initially. We will have a call once a day to determine how to respond.
  • Once you are comfortable with how to respond to each type of request, you may respond directly on my behalf without discussing with me.
  • Based on the type of email, you may need to update asana, toggl or create/edit other documents.

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