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US based startup looking for 1-2 staff for all-round generalist roles. All 3 forms completed.

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This founder of an entertainment startup is seeking staff for their business.  It seems that they are seeking all roles for the business. The client has stated that the roles are highly specialised, and working within a highly specialised verticals, with significant industry-specific knowledge requirements.  However, the client is also stating that they only want 1-2 people, and there are also high repetition tasks. Reading the submissions, it seems that they are a startup and wanting to build the entire future team from scratch using outsourcing.

The client states though that they are (very) informed about outsourcing, and they are very ready to outsource from the perspective of having processes in place, onboarding training, KPIs and structures etc.

The client has completed all three forms and answers all 51+ questions, however, they haven’t added anything to general comments sections, so there isn’t absolutely clarity on requirements at this stage

Please read over full direct form submissions in the following tabs.

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