The Source Superstore

Introducing the world’s first outsourcing superstore

The Source Superstore: Executive Summary

  • Outsource Accelerator is a marketing, promotion and distribution platform for Philippines outsourcing.  It is the ‘Alibaba of outsourcing’.
  • Outsource Accelerator is offering to distribute your services to clients across the globe.
  • The Superstore is a curated inventory of pre-approved listings, by verified BPO partners.  Product range is strictly limited.
  • You will receive expert marketing and distribution for no upfront costs, and zero commitment.  You simply pay a 30% commission on a completed sale.
  • Services are ‘repackaged’ as a ‘productised service’ – which is a distinct service, for a distinct price, with a distinct beginning and end period.
  • The expectation of all stakeholders is that the relationship will roll on to a more standard ongoing outsourcing roll if the product is successfully delivered.
  • This is a highly cost effective way of generating cashflow positive converted clients.
  • We offer simple guidance on the categories and pricing for the Source Superstore products.  There are six product categories and four price bands.
  • Submit your product now for review.


Limited time only – final week

  • Superstore opens 21 August
  • Superstore product listings close 20 August, 2018

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Distributing your BPO services to the world

We want to distribute your BPO services to the world.  

Outsource Accelerator is an aggregator platform, focused on reaching out and promoting Philippines outsourcing to the ‘West’.  Because we represent the entire Philippines BPO industry, we have a better marketing efficiency, scale and reach than individual BPOs.

We want to make it easier, less ‘scary’ and more convenient for clients to start outsourcing.  The ‘first-step’ of the outsourcing journey is the most critical for clients, yet it is the hardest step which generates most friction, hesitation and abandonment.  As a result it’s my mission to make this ‘first-step’ as easy as possible. This will benefit the clients, as well as the entire outsourcing industry.


Alibaba of outsourcing

In short, we are the ‘Alibaba of outsourcing’.  

We want to do for the outsourcing industry, what Alibaba did for Chinese manufacturing.  Prior to Alibaba, the combination of the geographical, cultural, language, and contractual barriers – to name a few – made it a hazardous exercise to outsource manufacturing to China.  Alibaba tidied all this up by bringing them all together on one platform, standardised the ‘shelves’ from which they sold their ‘products’, and made it easier for people in the West to engage and buy.  In effect, they bridged the gap between the ‘West’, and the murky and ambiguous world of Chinese manufacturing.

Now, with Alibaba, its as easy to engage with a far flung rural skateboard manufacturer, as it is to book a hotel room on  The Alibaba interface, effectively removed the extensive friction between the buyer and sellers – making millions of clients happy, and created a boomtown for the otherwise ‘isolated’ Chinese manufacturers.


SIDE NOTE: Defining our ‘client’ and ‘BPO partners’

Our client profile

  • We focus primarily on Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) in the 10 major high cost ‘English speaking’ countries (‘West’).  These businesses owners and entrepreneurs are our primary audience, and we argue that this sector will see the highest levels of outsourcing growth over the next 10-20 years.  
  • Our white paper, The Strong Future of Outsourcing, shows that there are 35 million of these SMEs, employing 100m people, with combined revenues of $12 trillion. It’s a big market!  For more information on this market, read our white paper now.  For ease, we’ll refer to them as ‘client’.

Our BPO partners

  • Outsource Accelerator works only with verified quality Philippines-based outsourcing service providers (and associated business services).
  • It does not work with freelancers, and generally decline working with ‘agencies’.


What’s in it for you, the BPO supplier?

There is clear separation of roles and interests between Outsource Accelerator and you, the BPO supplier. Outsource Accelerator is not a BPO, and will never become a BPO. Outsource Accelerator is only interested in the promotion of outsourcing, the initiation stage of getting those clients started, and general support services.  Instead of building our own outsourcing services, our approach is to promote and propagate the already abundant supply of existing outsourcing services.

The benefits of you offering a productised service on Outsource Accelerator’s platform include:


Active promotion and marketing

We will be promoting, marketing and selling your products, your BPO and your brand on your behalf. OA specialises in marketing and distribution, thus we are possibly better positioned to promote your business than even you are.


Zero upfront costs, zero commitment

There are no upfront costs, no setup fees, and no advertising costs.  The entire marketplace is completely transparent. The only cost to you, is a minor (30%) commission – and this is payable only once a sale is confirmed.


Our commission: only $60…

We only charge a commission on the single ‘product’ purchased from the superstore.  We do not charge a commission, or any other fees on any ongoing outsourcing services with that client – you keep 100% of that.  We charge just 30% commission of the product that you list in our Superstore.

These products are priced at only $199, $599 and $1,299.  So we take a 30% commission of this amount only.  The products you list should be built with the intention of getting clients in the door, delivering them an exceptional service and then converting them into and ongoing outsourcing client.

As such, the 30% commission on the single item price only, represents incredible value for you, as you get an already converted client, plus cash in advance for your service.


Committed outsourcing customers

A sale is only made when a client pays their money – in advance.  This demonstrates exceptional buyer commitment and intent, and signifies fantastic potential for that client to become and ongoing customer.


Cashflow positive customer acquisition

The client is effectively a very high-value, highly committed, and strongly validated prospect.  There is a disproportionately high chance that these clients will convert into ongoing clients, plus, these ‘leads’ have cost you nothing.  In fact, you have earned money – upfront – from this engagement.

Engaging with a client via a productised service means that expectations are set form the beginning, within a very clearly defined framework, within a product range the the BPO is expert in delivering.  Thus there is a big opportunity to execute these deliverables efficiently, and to ‘wow’ the customer in doing so.


Ongoing clients, commission free

The products are designed so that if they are delivered successfully, it becomes almost a natural next step to roll over into an ongoing customer.  The products are designed this way, and the expectations of this are set with the client. There are no further commissions payable when you convert clients into ongoing services.


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About ‘productised services’

We are creating a curated range of ‘productised services’ for outsourcing, to promote and sell to the world.

Typical outsourcing service relationships are complex, ongoing, evolve with time, and have an unclear total cost. These factors, combined with many others (developing country, ethical concerns, policy uncertainty etc) makes selling these services hard. This makes the sales cycle longer, sales complexity, and hinders conversion.  

In contrast, offering a productised service for outsourcing, alleviates many of these concerns. A productised service, is still an (outsourcing) service, but they are packaged slightly differently.


What are outsourcing productised services?

A productised service takes an ambiguous service offering, and transforms it into a more clearly contained, more concisely defined, and more accurately priced ‘service product’. One blogger defined a productised service as: “A distinct service, for a distinct price, with a distinct beginning and end period”.

I am aware that outsourcing, by its very nature is hard to define, contain and price. But it is this ambiguity which makes it harder to convert sales, and start people along their outsourcing journey. Making productised service of outsourcing, won’t solve complex sales cycle and operational integration issues – but it will make engagement easier, sales cycles shorter, and raise conversion rates. Once the new clients are then ‘in the door’, the BPO supplier, whilst ‘wowing’ their client, can on-sell and upsell further, more standard outsourcing services.

The productised service on offer will be contained to a set limited timeframe or outcome, and are typically intended to be a ‘starter’, or ‘taster’ package.  They should speak more about the ‘output’ (ie results or deliverables) instead of the input (i.e man-hours).

The design of a good outsourcing productised service is that they are a finite ‘project’, but they are sticky so that it is almost natural for the engagement to roll into an ongoing contract, if delivery is successful.


Examples of repackaging outsourcing services:

  • Original: “Seat leasing priced at $750 per month, per desk, plus salary.  A required 12 month contract with a three month notice period”
  • New productised service: “Get a Virtual Assistant, plus A-Grade outsourcing facilities, for 3 months – only $XXX – BUY NOW”


  • Original: “Hire two telesales roles ongoing for outbound calls in seat a lease BPO – email to inquire”
  • New productised service: “Start a two month telesales campaign today.  Fully scripted, with 40 calls per day (900/m) for $XXX – BUY NOW”


A good alternative

Productised outsourcing services aren’t perfect, but it means a more quantifiable, quicker, easier, and convenient way to ‘test the waters’ for the client, and an easier means of getting clients in the door for the BPOs.  

It’s assumed and expected that the productised service would evolve into an ongoing role. They should certainly be designed with this in mind.   Because the BPO has only this one shot to impress the client, the BPO should offer a productised service within categories that they have very high competency, familiarity, and operational volume in.


More about productised services

Productised services are in vogue at the moment.  You can search Google for many guides which can help you with the subject.  Here are some good artciles we have found to help you with the concept and production of your productised service:

Explains how to productise your service.

Marketing and Growth Hacking

Why and how to productise your services.

Guide to productised services guide with 50+ examples

Richard Patey Marketing offers comprehensive examples.


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Source Superstore product guidance

We have clear guidance on the products to be listed in the superstore.  


Key offer categories

To make the client’s navigation and purchasing decision easy, we are offering just six succinct product categories:

  • Customer service
  • Finance and accounting
  • Lead generation and sales
  • Digital marketing & content
  • Virtual assistant / general admin
  • BPO client consulting services

One BPO can offer multiple products that fall within the different price brackets and the different service segments.  For example, a BPO that specialises in VAs could offer a standard generalist VA package alongside a different specialised ‘Customer service support’ package. For the BPO, the resource allocation is pretty much the same – it’s just that they are packaged and presented differently.

However, as mentioned above, it is critical that BPOs only offer products where they have considerable expertise, can deliver what is promised 100% of the time, and can ‘wow’ the client in the process.


Four simple pricing categories

Again to keep things simple, we are offering just four price categories (in USD).

  • $199
  • $599
  • $1,299
  • $5,999

See below for more about pricing.


Product guidelines

Each outsourcing product requires clear product guidelines. As with any successful product the offer needs to be comprehensive, clear and simple, and attractive to the buyer. We will leave the product design and description up to you, our BPO partners; so get your creative juices flowing…

It’s important that you spend time developing your ‘product’, both from a delivery point of view, as well as a sales and marketing point of view.  

From a delivery point of view, you need to be sure that you are able to deliver (if not, over-deliver) what you have promised, within the timeframe, and for the stated price.  

From a marketing point of view, for products to sell, they need to look and feel good. They need to offer an unmistakable value for the client. They need to grab people’s attention enough so that they buy it, and then ‘wow’ them once they are using the product.

You know your own specialities better than anyone else. We recommend that you play to your strengths. What service do you do better than anyone else? What services are you so experienced in that you can confidently over-deliver each time? What services do you offer that generate quick and impressive wins for your clients? What services do you offer that generate the most ‘bang for buck’?

These are the services need you to package up, productise, and put on our shelves.


Product description

We want the deliverables, terms and any conditionals of the product all laid out clearly on the ‘product label’. We don’t want it too wordy, or have too many conditionals – this increases uncertainty and unease. In short, keep it simple.

To help you submit a product to the Source Superstore, we have created a product application form. This questionnaire takes you through a process of exploration and explanation, to help you develop a killer product. Please complete this form to submit your product.


How we differ from Upwork and Freelancer

It’s important, for the clients, to distinguish the difference between formalised ‘outsourcing services’ and ‘freelancing services’.

Freelancing services have exploded in the last decade.  There are now endless platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Top Tal, 99 Designs etc offering all kinds of freelance activities for very little money.  It’s said that in the Philippines alone, there are as many as 1 million people working informally within this market on these online platforms.

Whilst the outsourcing industry is very clear on the differences of these services, the inquiring clients might not necessarily be so aware.  

Since we are supplying ‘productised services’, it might be easy for inquiring clients to confuse the services more as ‘project work’, which is more common in the Upwork space.  This is not ideal and not the intention, so we are eager to position the website and products specifically towards the ‘productization of outsourcing services’. These messages should be reflected within each product so as to reiterate and affirm this message.

In summary, we highlight the differentiating factors of outsourcing as:

  • Ongoing roles (not project)
  • Within supported managed environments (HR, training etc)
  • Within established offices offering superior infrastructure
  • Allowing for greater scalability of roles, teams and space, providing enhanced institutional growth prospects
  • Producing far more reliable and professionalised results

These messages form a part of the ‘educational promotion’ we share with our audience when promoting Philippines outsourcing, and this is what we shall continue to do within this productised service framework.


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Pricing strategy, commissions and refunds

We ideally want people to feel comfortable enough to ‘impulse buy’ these products. Studies have shown that many supermarket-based purchase decisions are made on impulse. We don’t want to hoodwink our clients but we want to remove as much friction as possible when ‘shopping’ for outsourcing.

A simple product, offering great results at a great price will get people interested. Nothing helps people ‘make the move’ more than a good bargain. We aren’t suggesting that outsourcing clients should be ‘won’ by price (this likely won’t make a good client), but inevitably an attractive bargain will help coax them in the door.

So… We want these products to be of genuine great value.

Consider these products similar to those found on Groupon in its hay day (without the grubby bargain basement feel).  There’s a reason why Groupon got a $25bn valuation!

Great value means that these deals cannot be beaten. It means that they are the lowest prices that can be found. We are happy for you to also offer these ‘products’ on your own website, at the same price, but they can’t be cheaper.

We recommend that the product offer reflects a minimum of 30% discount on normal prices.


Price segmentation

The nice thing about these outsourcing products, is that it allows for the products to be differentiated from your ‘normal services’ and price structures. Having cheaper simple entry product allows you to get clients in the door quicker, from where you can then offer your standard rate services. There is enough delineation between the products and services, that clients won’t raise any concerns of inconsistency.


Cashback incentive

We give you the further option to offer a further cashback incentive to the client.  A typical cash back scenario is that the BPO can offer 3%, 60%, or 100% cashback if the client rolls over into a 12 month contract.

This cashback offer further incentivises the client to (i) make the initial purchase, and (ii) to roll over into a longterm ongoing roll with your company on completion of the productised service. 

Whatever cashback offer you provide, this is independent of Outsource Accelerator’s original 30% singular commission payment.


No further commissions

Outsource Accelerator will list and actively promote your product, BPO and brand to the world. Due to our specialised dedication to the marketing of outsourcing services, we can approach promotion at scale, and with more efficiency than individual market participants. You will benefit tremendously from this exposure. Your products will be sold online. There will be zero up-front cost to you, for any of the setup. There are no overheads. Simply pay a commission when a sale is made. The commission rate is 30% of the sale price.

Of course, the expectation is that the client will become a long term client of your BPO after the initial engagement. If (i) the products are designed well and with this in mind, and (ii) the client is impressed by the results, it would be logical that the client would continue with your services ad infinitum, and even expand. Outsource Accelerator asks for no further commissions from that client for that ongoing relationship (excluding other products that are purchased directly from the OA site).


Refund policy

All client complaints and refunds are to be managed by you, the BPO. If a product is refunded, then you need to refund the full amount of the total product cost to the client. Any complaints should also be rectified at the cost of the BPO. In case of any complaints or refunds, Outsource Accelerator will keep its full commission slice, as we successfully carried out our role in connecting the client with you, the BPO.

If there are repeated instances of complaints or refunds, then we will review, and remove any BPOs that are found to be providing a substandard service (defined by the fact that there are numerous people complaining).


Funds distribution

Payments are collected by Outsource Accelerator.  The balance due to the BPO can be transferred to the partner BPO, without delay, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – depending on volume.  Transfer fees may apply.


When and where

We are initially launching launching with a very limited number of highly curated products.  Applications for product submission are open until mid August, 2018.

The Source Superstore will be active and trading in the first week of August.

Please show you support for Philippines outsourcing and Outsource Accelerator by submitting your proposed products for review.  Early adopters and supporters will be given extra support and consideration from us.


Get started

To help you submit a product to the Source Superstore, we have created a product application form. This questionnaire takes you through a process of exploration and explanation, to help you develop a killer product. Please complete this form to submit your product.

Please note, all products need to be reviewed and approved by Outsource Accelerator prior to launching in the marketplace. Products can only be listed by verified outsourcing partners (registration and verification is easy).

If you have any questions or which to discuss, please just email us and/or arrange a phone call:


Limited time only – final week

  • Superstore opens 21 August
  • Superstore product listings close 20 August, 2018

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