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Thanks for your interest in submitting a product to the superstore.  Please ensure that you read our guidance notes on product submission prior to submission, and this article on ‘productised services’ also helps. 

Limited time only – final week

  • Superstore opens 21 August
  • Superstore product listings close 20 August, 2018

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To submit a product, please complete the following form.  It will take you through a process of both explanation and exploration, and help you develop a killer product. All products need to be reviewed and approved by Outsource Accelerator prior to launching in the marketplace. Products can only be listed by verified outsourcing partners (registration and verification is simple).  Questions: if you have any questions or which to discuss, please just email us and/or arrange a phone call:

NOTE: This form does not save content midway, or prior to submitting.  Please ensure you do not lose your work.