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It’s important that you at least, fully consider the opportunities that outsourcing presents you, and your business.

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Derek Gallimore – Outsource Advisor

Derek Gallimore has been in business 20 years, outsourcing 6+ years and living in Manila (the heart of global outsourcing) since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing.

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Put simply, outsourcing is one of the most powerful and transformative business opportunities for you and your business. Outsourcing can be applied to virtually any business type, and can add rocket fuel to your results. Outsourcing allows you to save as much as 70% on staffing costs, whilst out-competing, and out-strategising your competitors.

Outsourcing is quickly changing the world’s business and employment landscape – if you want to remain competitive, it’s important that you at least fully consider the full opportunities that it presents.

In this LIVE webinar, Derek Gallimore presents a fast-track insight into outsourcing and how it can be applied to – and produce incredible results for – your business, now. The Outsourcing Solutions For Your Business webinar is brought to you by Outsource Accelerator, an independent source of outsourcing advisory.

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Outsourcing can literally save you tens-of-thousands of dollars each month. Not only that, it can transform your business – through enhanced access to abundant employee resources (and systems) – resulting in supremely enhanced innovation and growth. Implementation can be quick and easy.

Ever wonder why all the massive multinationals have been outsourcing for decades (and the SME’s are only just catching on) … it’s highly productive, profitable, and adds rocket fuel to your business.

We keep the session short, at only 30 minutes (plus Q&A). This half-hour could literally transform your business – and it’s completely free! That’s a superb ROI!

Time investment

You’re no doubt super busy, so we take your time very seriously. The webinar is a quick 30-minute session, followed by Q&A and discussion.

We aim to keep this informative and valuable, yet interactive, personalised, and maybe even a little bit fun.

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About Derek Gallimore – your presenter

Derek Gallimore founded Outsource Accelerator in response to the growing need for an independent source of information and education for the outsourcing industry.

He has been passionately immersed in business and entrepreneurship for 20+ years; he’s been outsourcing for 6+ years, and living in Manila for 3+ years. Derek has had businesses in UK, Australia and the Philippines; and earned his undergrad. degree in New Zealand, and a Masters in Management from University of Westminster in London, UK.

He is fervently passionate about business and outsourcing, and wants to help other businesses with their outsourcing journey.

Derek spends time in Manila, Philippines, and is connected to the outsourcing and business community there.

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