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Source Enterprise

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Source Coach

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An overview of typical staffing costs

Outsourcing costs and salaries can vary dramatically.  For a precise cost analysis, we will need to spend time with you to establish your specific requirements. However, here’s a great guide to get you started.

The ‘total cost’ typically consists of two components: (i) the BPO ‘seat’ fee, and (ii) the salary.  Some other BPO’s might give you a single total cost (ie $14 per hour), but these are less advantageous, as you don’t really know what proportion is going to the staff, and what proportion is going to the BPO.

Seat Fee Analysis

About the typical outsourcing salary

A reasonable salary for a good general role is PHP20,000-PHP30,000 per month – that’s $400-$600 per month. These people usually have a university degree and 3-5 years post grad work experience. The obviously wouldn’t be senior management level or a specialist role (ie web developer) for that though.

We have this Comprehensive guide to salaries and compensation and holidays etc. Have a look on the first page, you will see a table of roles and expected salaries.

About the typical BPO ‘seat’ fee

As mentioned, there are different pricing structures for different BPOs, but the common one is to have a BPO fee, plus the salary. The BPO fees generally range from $450-$900pm. The BPO fees include EVERYTHING from the A Grade office space, all the hardware, the internet and facilities, plus the recruitment, HR, and all of the payroll and their government pension contributions etc etc. But the staff are generally ‘yours’, meaning that you treat them as you would your own staff in UK, meaning that you have to train them, and show them what to do etc. NB: We basically take a commission of the BPO fee – from the BPO – this won’t cost you anything.

About typical BPO fees

Some of the BPOs might charge an engagement fee. Some do, some don’t. It might be $500-$1000. Generally, this is posted as a recruitment fee, because they need you to commit before the spend time and money on recruiting.

Staffing cost summary

So in short, your costs are: Salary ($400-$600pm), and BPO fee ($450-$900) – so a total of $850-$1,500 per month – per employee – ALL IN. However, we do also suggest you add the Source Coach in with that.

Comparing Western salaries

When comparing these costs to US/UK/Australian (etc.) salaries, bear in mind that this is a 100% ‘all in’ price.  For Western salaries, you have the salary, and then usually 20%-30% on top of that for all associated employee expenses, including things like government taxes, healthcare, office space and benefits etc. (excluding recruitment costs).

A breakdown of typical outsourcing supplier costs

People are sometimes surprised that an outsourcing supplier fee (BPO ‘seat fee’), can often be as much as a regular workers salary.  There is good reason for this, and once you understand what goes into a great BPO, then you’ll probably agree.  A BPO is a cross between a flexible office-space supplier, a recruiter, and a business/management consultant.  To varying degrees, a BPO is your business partner who helps develop your team and add significant value to your company’s processes.  Below is a cost breakdown of their common functions.


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Average monthly outsourcing costs (USD)

Here’s a guide to the typical ‘all-in’ costs of outsourcing roles.

These figures represent a good cross section of roles, and include the office space and hardware, recruitment and HR, employee salary, taxes and benefits, plus oversight and account management.

Entry-level role

Employee salary:

BPO seat fee:


Mid-level role

Employee salary:

BPO seat fee:


Technical role

Employee salary:

BPO seat fee:


Executive level

Employee salary:

BPO seat fee:


Outsourcing roles salary comparison

Below is a comparison chart of like-for-like salary costs when comparing the Philippines with other major economies.

All amounts are in $USD per annum. This is just base salary, and does not include typical employment overhead which can be a further 25%-30% on top.

  • JOBS
  • Accountant
  • Customer Service
  • Copy Writer
  • Graphic Artist
  • HR Manager
  • IT Representatives
  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • Team Leaders
  • Virtual Assistance
  • $5,959
  • $3,337
  • $4,767
  • $3,883
  • $9,506
  • $5,722
  • $21,458
  • $7,221
  • $8,333
  • $4,638
  • $7,152
  • $2,285
  • U.S.
  • $67,190
  • $29,717
  • $56,600
  • $46,658
  • $78,007
  • $61,758
  • $108,000
  • $81,994
  • $109,087
  • $36,924
  • $75,823
  • $42,240
  • U.K.
  • $72,923
  • $22,137
  • $52,088
  • $38,668
  • $46,669
  • $24,741
  • $57,296
  • $39,913
  • $44,459
  • $35,225
  • $31,174
  • $39,066
  • $58,479
  • $35,275
  • $62,653
  • $37,596
  • $66,518
  • $59,938
  • $86,029
  • $62,653
  • $62,653
  • $38,232
  • $45,428
  • $31,797

What is outsourcing, and how can it help your business?

Outsourcing is one of the most powerful and transformative tools available to businesses today

Outsourcing transforms businesses!

Outsourcing allows you to save 70% on staffing costs, whilst driving innovation and growth.

You can save a huge amount of money with outsourcing, but it really isn’t (just) about that. Outsourcing gives you unparalleled access to a highly qualified, young, eager, and abundant workforce.

With this affordable army, you can simply out-compete, and out-strategize your competitors.

Outsourcing can be applied to virtually any business within any business sector. It is transforming the way that business, is done, it is transforming the employment landscape, and can add incredible rocket fuel to each and every business.

A brief history

The benefits of outsourcing have been enjoyed by the big corporates for the last 25 years. Previously, it was inaccessible to smaller companies and startups.

More recently, access to outsourcing has been democratised… now its cheaper, more accessible and more flexible than ever.

However, still only 0.5% of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) outsource… Outsourcing remains the business world’s best-kept secret.

Get started with outsourcing now

You can dramatically enhance your business with outsourcing.  It is much simpler, and much more affordable than you think.  Get started today.

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