CRM sales stages

We’ve seen a few CRM implementations recently where the business is still using the “out-of-the-box” sales stages.

This seems to be quite common, it’s a way to get started and for many clients there’s an underlying assumption that the sales stages will be “best practice”.

The reality actually is that the default sales stages are usually generic and therefore not particularly relevant to any specific business.

Side-effects? Your reps may start working outside of your CRM if your process is different. Or your sales process may drift over time towards this bland median – reps follow what is configured.

It also means your CRM is not guiding the process if you have a number of different sales processes by sales funnel, client type, opportunity type or product, and the accuracy of your pipeline will be questionable.

You’re certainly not maximising the value of your CRM licences.

If you’ve invested in Salesforce, then it’s “clicks not code” – you can configure this yourself. Keep it simple to start with and evolve it over time with feedback from your users.

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