Investing for Physical Security


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Investing for Physical Security

Renz Rosada

We all know that Physical Security is not a money generating entity as a support group or department in a particular BPO Company. With this, some do overlook the importance of investing for Access Control System, Closed Circuit Television, alarms and other security devices or systems intended to improve the security structure of the workplace. Imagine an intruder who basically has a firearm with him and starts shooting employees. Imagine how thieves penetrate the workplace and steal BPO Employees’ belongings. Imagine how they will steal these assets of the company. I guess you’ve realized it now. Take time to hear the voices of your corporate security professionals , have a cup of coffee at a training room and let them speak out. Start with their observations, risk assessments, corrective actions and plans. Don’t discuss the budget first okay? Try to realize how much you will impress your clients and how they may feel secured of doing business with us. Physical Security may not be a revenue generating department, but it is solely the entity that protects the employees and your assets in a company. It is the initial impression being given to the expats, visitors and to prospect clients. Investing for a Physical Security Visitor Management will probably impress the clients, make them smile of how well your process goes and how fast the identity check is.

CCTV Cameras

The CCTVs in placed along the pathways and locker areas that will monitor the employees’ lockers and properties. The XRay Machine Operated Checking that will conduct the bag checking that employees might tend to admit towards our respective floors. The number of guards that will roam around to ensure full compliance of Company Policies. And the Skilled Security Personnel who knows how to save lives, protect lives and assets are factors to be considered in hardening the BPO environment. This is just a glimpse of Physical Security’s importance in our BPO Workplace. I’m pretty sure you don’t want a Resort’s World similar issue to happen to your company. What are you waiting for? Send an invite call or email your Corporate Security Professionals now!

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