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Derek Gallimore is fervently passionate about business and outsourcing. He wants to help other businesses with their outsourcing journey.

Derek’s blend of extensive international business and travel experience means that outsourcing came relatively naturally to him. Derek has been in business over 20 years. He has been thoroughly involved outsourcing over 6 years, and has lived in Manila, Philippines – the world’s outsourcing capital – for over three years. He has worked and lived in five countries and worked and travelled through dozens more.

He inspired me a lot and thought me a lot of a things ‘with his knowledge, idealistic, being passionate and idealistic personality.

Courageous , brave with knowledge and creative’ with such a few only can be master.How such a young man at age of 35 become a millionaire and Ideal of lot of people ob entrepreneur.Its amazing such a courage and strengths focusing his goal and achieve it!. How lucky we was he choose the Philippines one of his journey, encourage people and inspired than to work with’ share his knowledge and encouraged.

Being committed and ready to explore.

Our BPO now is giving chances and opportunity being massive and being ready to explore your knowledge of entrepreneur.

“Dream and work and reach your goal ”
Let’s start in’ and begin! Yes we can do it!.

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