They’ve moved.. When will you?

theyve moved

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Outsourcing has been one of the best strategies for large businesses and The Philippines is where they’ve been moving in. Clients and investors keep coming and giving millions of jobs for Filipinos, and in return, they were provided best results for quality and customer surveys.

Almost 50% of companies came from the US. Filipinos are believed to have a neutral accent and very good at imitating. So they can imitate any accent they can think of. The Philippines was colonized by Americans so they have mix cultures and it’s not hard for them to blend in. Filipinos are naturally hospitable and welcoming, their second language is English making it easier for them to communicate with other race.

Efficiency-wise, the basic salary of a US representative is $7/hr, a Filipino representative’s salary is $2/hr and can give the same quality and service at a lower rate. Filipinos had also created a trend back in 2014 till now and outstand even on-shore agents.

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Despite the time difference, they still adjust and come to work every day. Travelling at night can also be dangerous, but still would take the risk. However, most BPO companies now offer free shuttles for employees so they can arrive at work safely. Which positively reflects on their employees-driving them to work harder and deliver excellent results for their clients.  Filipinos are responsible enough to know how their absence affects the company, so they come to work even on a holiday or during bad weather.

The secret to having a growing business is to keep your best employees. Employee engagement is the key to your success. Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business. Works two-way. Filipinos have already established an image since 2004 where Outsourcing first came in their country. From one to two campaigns, now thousands and still growing.

Still thinking of a business strategy? Outsource.

They moved in, when will YOU?

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