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Top Picks for February 2018

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Outsource Accelerator advocates outsourcing by encouraging business owners to outsource to the Philippines. We make it a point to produce top quality and relevant podcasts, articles,  news summary and white papers to help entrepreneurs gain invaluable knowledge and encourage them to jumpstart their outsourcing journey.

Now that February has passed, we are glad to enumerate OA’s top 5 picks for the month of February. The list has been carefully selected by our team. Here’s our top 5 content for February.

  1. The Strong Future of Outsourcing: White Paper
  2. Neville Samuels – Virtual Staffing fortifying Outsourcing
  3. 3 Keys to an Auspicious Start to Outsourcing in the Philippines
  4. P200, 000 cash prize awaits in Outsource Accelerator’s writing contest
  5. Displaced by robots, PH call center agents shift gears

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There you have it, Outsource Accelerator’s top 5 picks for the month of February. We hope you gained invaluable knowledge by reading the links that we have enumerated. Stay tuned for next month’s roundup.

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