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As the Director of Marketing at an e-commerce company in the United States, Carlos Silva routinely outsourced complex projects to India. Wanting better quality, he decided to do it in-house and hired a team of his own.

Realization soon dawned upon him that a high level of quality could indeed be achieved at a cost-effective price if his team was based in the Philippines. Thus 2nd Office was born.

Today, 2nd Office offers offshore staff leasing, managed services, English language services like SEO copywriting, editing, and community moderation as well as many others. At the core of 2nd Office’s business operations is the philosophy that a happy employee is a productive employee. They spare no effort to hire the best talent and retain them.

2nd Office’s clients are happy when they get access to a top-notch team of professionals at 30% of what it would normally cost them. Online retailers use 2nd Office for customer support, while others make use of the virtual workforce offered. Web development, professional image editing, market research and competitor analysis are the other strengths of 2nd Office.

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