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“Established in 1982, ADEC Innovations has come a long way. They have delivered more than 8,000 projects since then. They now have 5,000 employees across locations in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Their services include web design, electronic services, print services, XML analysis and conversion. Keeping in tune with the times, they have brought these all under the umbrella of data management. They have also rebranded themselves as ADEC-i.

They seek to bring down operating expenses for their clients by making the most out of available resources and improving operational efficiencies. Boosting overall revenues is also part of their vision. Among their clients is TechMahindra, which specializes in IT and outsourcing. They also work with Government organizations, providing environmental data services, health solutions, and learning platforms.

ADEC-i’s custom suite of software solutions includes analytics, supply chain management, business intelligence, and reporting. There are over 1,500 organizations that use their software worldwide. Some 30 million CDP transactions take place every month through their suite. Sustainability is something that they hold close to their heart.

They have close to 240 supply chain facilities of their own located across the globe. In the Philippines, they are located in Makati City, Metro Manila.

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