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Alorica Philippines Incorporated


About Alorica Philippines Incorporated

Alorica Philippines Incorporated is a company that provides business process outsourcing services. This company was initially known as Vertex Solutions Inc. till 2005 when it was acquired by Alorica Inc. It’s based out of Pasig in Philippines. The mantra of this company is to make your life better. They believe in delivering the best customer experience by interacting with one client at a time. They provide services through online, social media and telephone. They have approximately 100,000 employees and operate out of 150 locations from sixteen different countries in the world.

Alorica provides multifaceted solution. First on its list is customer relationship management as they believe that customers are the first priority. With so much stress on online connectivity Alorica believes in giving flawless satisfaction to customers. They also provide financial services. They collect payables and maintain good relationship with customers. They have a robust experience in financial care. With a major shift in healthcare industry, Alorica helps to control costs and increase revenue, as well as satisfy patients. Another service is digital solutions provided by Alorica. Data management and cutting edge technology along with customer satisfaction forms the bedrock of their digital solutions.

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