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Centro Global Solutions is a multi-national costumer solutions provider with the zeal to provide each of their clients with the best solutions available in the market. They provide extensive call center as well as BPO services to their client companies from around the world. The company employs some of the most diligent and efficient workers who produce the output that they promise. Their clientele ranges from new start-ups to well established enterprises in a myriad of industries. They are a group of visionaries who aim to create a purely client-centred service platform.

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They provide a plethora of services in the field of Telecom (to help manage inbound and outbound programs around the globe), healthcare (services like medical billing, claims processing and much more; HIPAA compliant), Technology (with a diverse group of highly skilled IT professionals to provide IT services), Automotive (providing services like BDC, analytics, warranty support and much more), Retail & E-commerce (helping retailers maintain their business dynamics efficiently) as well as Travel & Leisure (essentially managing support for online customers). They provide a level of services that are unparalleled in the industry and have set a new benchmark for their competition.

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