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About Cloud9 BPO

Cloud 9 BPO is an AI-driven inbound contact center. We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to provide inbound support, live messenger chat, among other lines of business.

We are a team of American and Filipino Entrepreneurs who are committed to helping our clients create a profitable and scalable BPO infrastructure by leveraging our talent and resources in Manila, Philippines.

What Cloud9 BPO offers its clients

We offer our clients call center management with USA insights as well as integration using AI & Automation. Our core value proposition is in our ability to solve your business challenges and innovate faster and more effective solutions for your end-customer.

How Cloud9 BPO outshines the competition

We use first principles thinking to evaluate and create a winning strategy for your campaign. We only hire the top 10% of call center talent locally in Manila, Philippines and we are obsessed with wowing your customers.

Cloud9 BPO company structure

We are a corporation with 3 primary shareholders. We operate through both a USA corporation (set up in California) and a Manila corporation.

Sample highlight service offering of Cloud9 BPO

We offer customer service pay-on-demand. Only pay for the minutes our agents are actually busy helping your customers.

Cloud9 BPO Contact Info

Year started trading: November, 2016

Current Seat Capacity: 250

Sites in the Philippines: 1

Main Philippines site: Manila(NCR)

Service Provision: Full service BPO,Specialised BPO vertical,Outsource consultancy

Primary Client Countries: USA,Australia,New Zealand,United Kingdom,Canada,Asia

Size of your BPO: Boutique

Price positioning: Premier

Typical client size: 10-50 seats

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