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“Comfac Global Group started off in 1984 as a traditional product vendor in Makati City, Philippines. With more than 30 years of experience in the business, Comfac Global Group is one of the Philippines leading total-fit contractor and systems integrator for workspace facilities.

Comfac Global Group provides outstanding solutions that provide total customer satisfaction with the help of reliable and functional products and technology. The company is globally recognized as a provider of total and integrated workplace solutions.

Comfac Corporation (Technology), Cornersteel Systems Corporation (Workspace Facilities), Energy Specialist Company or ESCO (Energy Systems) and Appxys (Cloud Computing Platform are complimenting companies of the Comfac Global Group. With the integration these companies, Comfac Global Group has been able to successfully complete projects for businesses. To create the perfect work environment that helps businesses grow, the company provides products and services such as:

• Custom furniture
• Modular furniture
• IT support systems
• Security systems
• Business applications

The core values of the company are as follows:

• Customer focus
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Urgency
• Teamwork
• Partnership
• Personal investment
• Ownership

The vision of Comfac Global Group is to provide efficient, environmental-friendly products and services that surpass the expectations of their clients and yield fair returns on the resources invested by the company.

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