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“Concentrix was founded in the year 2006 and operates as a fully-owned subsidiary under SYNNEX Corporation. This business services firm has its headquarters in Fremont, California. It was established with the objective of helping clients find their unique position in the marketplace, improve functional efficiency and accelerate growth.

The key services offered by Concentric include the following:

Customer Lifecycle Management: Offering a scalable “personalized enterprise” for enhancing customer experience, productivity and revenue. Concentric believes that the enterprises need to invest in digitalization to help customer get access from their multiple-channel world.

Marketing Solutions: Algorithmic and analytics personalization helps drive more meaningful customer interactions. Concentric aids data-driven optimization that plays a critical role in elevating marketing communications.

IT and Consulting: Concentrix helps businesses by designing solutions useful in strategies for business application integrations, system architecture, legacy migrations as well as cloud enablement.

Product Development: While serving as the technology partner for businesses, Concentric offers support to the complete software product lifecycle. It helps clients in design (architecture, mystery shopping, prototyping etc,) as well as in usability engineering and agile development.

In addition to these solutions, Concentric also offers various other services including process optimization and customer interaction automation.

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