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CPL Philippines Inc. in Manila is a subsidiary of CPL GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) serving the Asia-Pacific Region. It was established in 1999 with the objective of providing outsourced resources to the parent firm and also serve and increasingly expanding Asian market.

Today, CPL Philippines offers cost-effective, high-quality off-shore software development agreements and has a team of educated and skilled IT professionals who specialize in programming languages. The company wants to serve as a safe and reliable IT partner for its clients.

CPL offers software products in the fields of warehousing, manufacturing, customer relationship management, distribution and finance. It offers flexible and comprehensive software packages with variable currency, company and language features. These software packages are safe, use license free, e-business enabled and modelled for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Besides software packages, CPL also offers other solutions including hardware and software procurement. It facilitates purchase and leasing of IBM iSeries, zSeries, pSeries and xSeries eServers. In addition to this, it also markets ThinkCenters, IBM Storage, ThinkPads etc. based on specific client requirements.

CPL also offers consultancy, training, programming and technical assistance services to clients. Some of its main clientele includes Araneta Center, Inc., Liberty Commercial Center, Inc. and Asia Brewery among others.

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