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“DBA Global Shared Services, Inc. (DBA) provides BPO for a range of different industrial sectors. They are located in two locations in Philippines and in Sydney, Australia. DBA is an innovative technology company. DBA Philippines works both non-voice and voice processes and has a particular expertise when it comes to administration of Investments and also operates as a technology supplier along with being a BPO. The focus of the company is to take advantage of the skilled work force that Philippines offers, the growth of the region and also the strong technological infrastructure that can be provided. As a firm that offers professional services DBA has a team of accountants; advisors for tax and investments; architects and engineers for enterprise solutions; HR and other managerial personnel that is required for various projects.

Services Provided

DBA Philippines provides various finance and accounting services such as

• Investment Administration
• Cloud Accounting
• Paraplanning
• Australian Compliance Tax
• Financial Modelling
• SMSF Administration and Audit

The legal outsourcing options that DBA provides is

• Property, Conveyancing and Commercial Law
• Wills and Estate
• Family Law

Along with the above services it provides voice and general back office services in the form of call centres.

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