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DCI Outsourcing


About DCI Outsourcing

“Choosing DCI outsourcing gives you 16 years of BPO experience that has helped many companies grow globally. DCI outsourcing works towards taking their business to a completely new level of competence and efficiency. They partner with their clients so as to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and ensures the retention of their clients. DCI outsourcing can also provide a team of well trained personnel to small and medium sized companies that need the man power and help ensure their growth. Hence, DCI outsourcing are of great value to their clients.

Services provided
• Accounting: Reduce the risk of financial loss and concentrate on the growth of the company.
• Appointment setting: helps generate appointments that are needed to turn the meeting into a done deal.
• Back Office: It helps with the back office facilities that are required for a functioning facility.
• Chat support: The staff is trained to be friendly towards the customers
• E-mail support: outsourcing this helps save time that is usually spent reading and replying to e-mails
• Lead generation: Generates required leads to promote business
• Network support
• Public relations
• Reputation marketing: Provides credibility to the clients using online marketing
• Sales support
• Surveys
• Technical support
• Web design

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