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About Eastvantage

“Eastvantage was established in 2010 as a Europe based outsourcing firm and consultancy firm. Founded by Fred Tshidimba and Joeri Timp, the European BPO has grown into a well-rounded and versatile company with 250 employees servicing over 30 companies in more than 20 countries around the world.

The services offered by Eastvantage to its clients are:

• Customer support
• Finance and accounting
• Front-end development
• Human resources
• Software design and maintenance
• Virtual assistants

The solutions provided by Eastvantage are customized and delivered by passionate and exceptional professionals. The team is handpicked and trained well enough to carry out projects with the highest quality.

Eastvantage uses state-of-the-art technology which enables it to have efficient communication and work processes. The company has been committed to cloud computing since its inception. Processes and workflows such as accounting tools attendance systems, document and data sharing, HR support, productivity, and project management are web based. They can be easily accessed anywhere in the world.

Eastvantage’s approach to providing solutions has the following values:

• Customer intimacy
• Commitment
• Excellence
• Passion
• Transparency

Eastvantage is basically the brand name of the father company the Eastvantage Business Solutions Inc. which is a member IBAP which in turn is the Business processing association of Philippines. The company’s vision is to become strategic partners for entrepreneurs by providing value-added services in South Asia.

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