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Excelity Global, headquartered in Singapore, is Asia’s largest payroll outsourcing company providing top-end human resource outsourcing solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Excelity Global’s HR solutions cover the entire life cycle of employees. They partnered with 450 organizations across 17 Asian nations and employs a committed team of 600 employees. Excelity Global strives to empower employees of business organizations globally and pave the way for a more productive and efficient workforce.

Excelity Global specializes in payroll and benefits administration, multi-country payroll and workforce administration. The HR outsourcing solutions of Excelity Global help organizations in understanding the significant role of human resources in organizational growth. They focus on aligning the people strategy of organizations to their overall goals by taking complete ownership of the human resource operations.

With the multi-country HR solutions of Excelity Global, organizations can optimize, standardize and consolidate their payroll operations across regions. Excelity Global focuses on nurturing talent and equipping workforces with services and tools that increase efficiency and productivity. They uphold the importance of employee experience in organizations for driving overall productivity. Excelity Global fosters leadership in HR managers and arms them with the knowledge of workforce motivation and satisfaction. By bringing technical expertise and diverse knowledge to the table, Excelity Global ranks amongst the top payroll outsourcing companies in Asia

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