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Flexisource IT Pty. Ltd offers services relating to IT and consultancy. The company offers the skills of highly qualified professionals. The company has been in operation for some years. The founder, Richard Gross, has years of experience in sectors such as finance. He worked for top organizations and understands how international corporate financial structures work. He has worked for organizations based in the US and Australia among others. The company seeks to offer a variation on the conventional outsourcing model. It aims to create partnerships and not just outsourcing arrangements. The goal is to help clients deal with the lack of skilled workers without being open to the downsides of outsourcing the conventional way.

The company offers services such as website design, development and maintenance. It also offers expertise in software creation and designing apps for desktops. It also offers assistance in Android based app development. Among data services, it specializes in maintaining databases. Its range of services also include CRM, Accounting, HR and customer care. The company helps with quality management and also, offers services to boost search engine rankings for websites. Flexisource IT inc. offers skills such as project manageme

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