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About Hinduja Global Solutions

“For more than a decade in business process management, Hinduja Global Solutions, with its headquarters in Bangalore, India, has made a name for itself. It places itself among leaders in maximum optimization of customer experience, thereby encouraging clients to be more competitive. They like to see their leadership as ‘globally local’ and rightly so. It employs 44000 people in 66 centers worldwide. The centers are located in the US, Canada, the UK, India, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, UAE and the Philippines. For the fiscal year of 2015-16, HGS’ revenues stood at US $507 million. HGS is part of the multibillion dollar corporate Hinduja Group, who has more than forty years of experience dealing with the most recognized brands worldwide.

HGS’ services range from traditional voice customer care center to the advanced DigiCX service that brings together customer engagement through platform-based, back-end services and digital marketing. HGS provides solutions to the following industries: telecommunications and media, retail, consumer electronics and technology, financial services, healthcare, insurance, public sector, travel and hospitality and consumer packaged goods.

For them it is a matter of pride that 67% of their revenues are delivered locally. It is their sustainable attitude towards work as well as focus on quality customer service that have led them to win several awards over the years for customer service, best practice, and for being among the top ranking performers in the world.

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