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About HOPLA Online

HOPLA is a remote staffing, services agency that recruits, employs and manages highly skilled professionals around the globe.

We provide personalized recruitment and hire the staff while our customers have the final say in who they like to hire and control the day-to-day activities.

Once hired, both our customers as well as remote professionals will be set up in our working environment offering a range of different working tools i.e. time tracking, communication, task management etc.

Our services vary from operational to marketing & growth engagements as well as back office, admin and customer support. Below is an overview of our services per engagement model as well as various samples of existing customer relationships.


* Marketing, Digital & Writing

* Technical & Project management

* Design & Development

* Support & Leadership management

* Admin & Virtual assistants

* Customer service & sales

* Content moderation, Transcribing

* Accounting & Bookkeeping



* WordPress websites creation


* Content Creation

* Video Creation

* Social Media Management

* Paid Advertising campaigns

* LinkedIn Networking Automation


Staff Engagement Samples:

* Digital Marketing Manager for a travel agency – responsible for the SEO strategy and execution + Adwords & Facebook keyword strategy while using one of HOPLA’s marketing service packages to generate more scale & and target reach.   

* Project Manager for a bed & breakfast coaching platform – managing incoming inquiries, schedules and actual coaching seminars while using one of HOPLA’s video editing service packages to generate better customer & prospect engagement.   

* Marketing Manager for a Web design agency – setting up lead generation packages, provide customers with recommendation and responsible for overall execution while using HOPLA services to generate content via our pool of writers.

> And many more options, inquire what we can do for you.

* Virtual Assistant for an interior design company – taking on the administrative tasks like creating spreadsheets to upload new products, images and additional information research, general customer support if needed

* Video editing for a recruitment agency – video production for the company’s vlog, training materials and chief’s blogs

* Content creation and transcribing for a community of entrepreneurs – in charge of content creation for community blog and various social media platforms together with transcription of the all the video content created

> We’d love to tell you more about our remote assistants & associates, so get in touch.

Services Packages Samples:

* Running a LinkedIn Lead generation campaign for a Lifestyle company that targets coaches to become part of their platform – results: improved visibility among target audience, generating approximately 500 additional leads per month.

* Managing an Adword & Facebook campaign for a health and wellness online business – results: improved reporting and visibility on decision making data as well as a 20% improved Adword to lead conversion.

* Web design & maintenance packages – website design, build and ongoing maintenance freeing up time for our customer so they can focus on the strategy and Hopla manages the execution.

> Contact us for more services packages and what we can do for you.

What HOPLA Online offers its clients

We offer remote staff engagements through various skill sets that perfectly suits the remote working environment as well as numerous service packages that help drive online as well as company growth.Our philosophy is to initially employ a more experienced remote professional that requires less management involvement, training, and supervision, and can truly act as your right-hand. They will work as road-builders developing quality processes & teams to support the growth of our customers.

How HOPLA Online outshines the competition

At HOPLA.Online, we pride ourselves on the following strengths we offer to our customers:Access to a global talent poolWork with highly motivated and productive people working from home and/or remotelyThe latest, time-tested, technology stack that assures productivity as well as transparency in the actual work performedWe will partner with you and help implement your business processes, structures, workflows, trainings, and streamline communicationAccess to our services packages

HOPLA Online company structure

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs that worked with various traditional outsourcing companies as well as freelance platforms though both models ended up showing ongoing problems that weren’t able to address the need to build and manage sustainable teams.We are proud to say that Hopla has been able to address these problems and will continue to evolve the remote working environment growing the real talent and added value of remote professionals.

Sample highlight service offering of HOPLA Online

Our services vary from operational to marketing & growth engagements as well as back office, admin, and support. We have various engagement models fitting any business:Manager – a more experienced remote professional that can work independently based on the general strategy line and take on certain core processes in your company.Services – outsource several tasks, processes and/or projects to usAssociate/Assistant – has the required skills to handle the job, though needs more guidance

HOPLA Online Contact Info

Year started trading: February, 2017

Current Seat Capacity: 100

Sites in the Philippines: 4

Main Philippines site: N/A

Service Provision: N/A

Primary Client Countries: N/A

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Price positioning: N/A

Typical client size: 2

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