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“Incoho is an end- to- end solution services provider for companies across all sectors. Incorporated in the year 2001 and headquartered at Chicago, the company has been in the business of delivering value based solutions making the optimum usage of resources available to clients worldwide.

Comprising of a team of extremely skillfully and trained outsourcing professionals, Incoho works with a motto to deliver highest degree of customer satisfaction with their business processes that sets them apart from other players.

The company’s mission is to optimize the resources of their clients thus enabling higher shareholder value and reduce cost considerably. Their human resources are their biggest asset and they invest heavily on world class practices of solutions for their clients.

Among an array of services that the company offers are – lead generation for demands through telemarketing, commercial collections solution, research services and data services. The company foresees great potential in returned mails and offer solutions for prompt resolution thus enhancing service levels. They also promote paperless campaigning thus cutting down costs and impacting ROI in an upward graph. They ensure maximization of yield for their clients taking into consideration the available resources and attaining exceptional customer satisfaction.

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