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Infor is a software solutions provider and technology solutions partner serving 90000+ companies worldwide. Head-quarted in New York City, it has 41 offices across the globe and a workforce of 15000+. Their customer base is spread across 170 countries and has staggering 66 million + cloud users.

They provide customized solutions to specific industries based on their size and structure to individuals and businesses, big or small. Their vision is to build relationships on the basis of providing valued services and thus bring about significant positive changes.

Infor provides advisory services to business models which help them realize and work on untapped potential areas. Their deployment services enagage clients with highly trained staff who help with implementation of best practices keeping them abreast with the challenging and fast paced environment. Their education services work around enabling customers through a series of classroom training as well as virtual coaching.

Their cloud support services give flexible options to clients and are supported by highly competitive staff that are present globally and are located in 28 countries. All in all, Infor is committed to help the customers attain success and high return on their investments.

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