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“A solutions provider with a difference, Integreon is one of the leading outsourcing providers in the world, with a presence across major cities in the world such as Beijing, Mumbai, Johannesburg, London, Toronto, Tokyo, Boston, New York and Washington DC. With its global presence, the company provides a 24-hour support system to its clients, helping businesses get the best solutions across the globe, irrespective of their location or time zone. With a vast network of over 2400 associates, Integreon is a trusted partner of large corporates such as Philips, Dorsey and Whitney LLP, Virgin Money, Estee Lauder Companies, Mutual and Federal Group and SNL Financial.

Integreon focuses on four major business processes – Legal Support, Documentation Services, Client Sourcing and Collections, and Research with each process being backed by expert associates. With this goal in mind, the company focuses on a particular niche, innovating business processes and providing its clientele with services that removes bottlenecks and increases efficiency.

Its research arm Grail Research provides in-depth research material not only on current business scenarios, but also business trends and key market areas for future growth such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Predictive Coding, Yale Center Customer Insights Conference etc.

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