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iSupport Worldwide

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About iSupport Worldwide

I-Support started with a mission of providing high quality business process outsourcing solution in an intensely competitive market. They were initially based out of Makati at the heart of Metro Manila. While a larger company AMMEX Corporation was making profit I-Support found it difficult to retain their quality resources. Hence they ventured in new the territory of Philippines where business process outsourcing (BPO) services were thriving. I-Support has had a fruitful journey and has become an independent organization that is providing business outsourcing solutions to clients outside the umbrella of AMMEX. They are gradually expanding into territories like Ortigas and El Salvador.

Services Offered:

I-Support provides myriad range of services like both outbound and inbound customer services, social media support, online support to customers, software and IT solutions, data entry support, advanced accounting solutions, and graphic designing. Along with this they also provide helpdesk support and logistics support.

The advantages of availing I-Support solutions are: getting service round the clock, seven days a week, the service is provided at a very affordable price, provide you service focusing on the core areas of your need and utilizing immediate benefits from the cost saving that you have done by availing services from I-Support.

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